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MIB heart NYC

May 25th 2012 in 3D - RealD 3D and Imax 3D

MIB Agents Tour NYC on May 23

New York City is about to become a hotbed of Extra Terrestrial activity...…

On May 23, MIB Agents will be traveling to several iconic NYC landmarks to cover up evidence of recent UFO landings and Extra Terrestrial encounters.

  1. Track them down and snap photos of you and the MIB Agents in the City with the Instagram app
  2. Hashtag your photos #MIBHEARTSNYC and post them to Twitter

Keep an eye out, as some participants may be invited to the premiere that night of Men In Black 3 in NYC.

Follow us online at @MenInBlack for clues of their whereabouts throughout the day. MIBelievers share your photos on twitter and Sony Pictures.

Use: #MIBHEARTSNYC on Instagram

Visit Instagram to download the app: